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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

CharKueTiaw Incident~

Now, this is a story that happened a few weeks ago, which was confusing, but funny. but first, I'll tell all of you why it is confusing and later then I'll share why is it funny. (Actually, it wasn't really funny, but I give it 3 out of five.)

On the way of going back home, my dad thought of having lunch outside, yet because that evening some family friends would visit us, so he decided for takeaways. Then, he took out his phone and searched for a particular contact. He gave me his phone, yes while he was driving, and told me to order three char kue tiaw. And so I did. After an hour or so, we parked the car near the restaurant to take the orders. And it went like this, ( below was the dialogues that were said by me, to shorten time, and I am sure that you can guess the situation) :

"Where is the food that I ordered? It's char kuo tiao, three of them."
"What you say that I didn't order?! But I called the number an hour before and stated the order."

And so, tomato-steamed-face me, quickly left the restaurant and walked back to the car. In my mind, was playing a dog chasing its tail game, which is impossible to put that in reality. How come there wasn't any order of mine? Well, it was the one who fathered me that called the number, because he is the regular customer there and for the records, I have never bought any food from that place before. And...and... I really talked to the other person in the phone, I was pretty sure that it was a 'stallion' that was having a conversation with me.

Sooooooooooo... I reached the car and told my dad, and I thought to myself , 'that is the same expression that I have before, and ya, the dog is still chasing its tail'. The question is, HOW COME?! It was a chain action, and it was right, supposedly. My dad searched the number in contacts, I spoke to the receiver. He triggered the call and I transfered the information to the receiver. SO WHAT IS THE THING THAT WENT WRONG OVER THERE?!

And it hit my dad. He went over his dialled numbers record in his phone and found something bizarre. It was 'Mengkut', the name of the contact that my dad gave a ring before. However, he didn't even remember who the heck 'Mengkut' is- and today he still cannot remember who or how he looks like. And the case had become even clearer. The plotline was: My dad phoned the wrong person and I fall in it, unconsiously yet with full consciousness, I talked to the wrong guy. And that was it. So both of us gave a few good laugh about it, and at that time, who was the one that bought groceries in the nearby market? My mum! So later we still had to fill her up. Later, my dad insisted to have the so-called invisible order, so there I was, walking with a little bit of shame, back to the restaurant, and ordered the food. And I quickly went back to car after receiving the order. The end. p/s: That left us with a big question mark, "Who the heck Mengkut is?!"

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