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Saturday, 1 December 2012

"Make way! Make way! Insecurities is on the play!"

It was a day without raining and the mercury didn't stretch its neck in the thermometer. - and we came to a conclusion, a fine day to shop indeed. So there I was, standing near stacks of shoes, with a dull and bored expression pasted quite roughly on my face, waiting for my mother to FINALLY buy a pair of shoes.

*Well, I'm sure that some boys are facing the same situation as I was at that time. Honestly, it is very boring to accompany someone to shop, especially when he or she goes to every shops and spends hours in the very shop. However, it won't feel the same if we were the one that shop and that is a little bit selfish, don't you say so?*

I was watching my mom 'squeezing her brain' and gulped quite a few times *I was on the mood of being an observer, a sharp one... and basically, there was nothing that I could do at that very moment.* A fine tip will I give you and sure that some people will agree to it. Whenever he and her ask your opinion about the stuff that they have chosen but not sure yet whether to buy them or not, just give them positive (less honest) opinion, unless it is really great, then give them a bambamboom opinion, it will decrease the time that you have to allocate in the shop. AND IT WORKED. Now, the second my mom wanted to hand the shoes to the salesgirl, she DOUBTED. YES, SHE DOUBTED!!! You should have seen my face at that time, it was all went TOMATO & TNT, but didn't explode, figuratively and literally.
There, I have seen the major play of human insecurity - on my mom.

Mom: "Ok kah ni? Ni macam tidak begitu sesuai, tahankah benda ni?"
Salesgirl: "Tahan aunty."
Mom: "Ya? Macam tidak tahan ni."
Salesgirl: "Tidaklah aunty. Lagipun ini stok terakhir dah aunty."
Mom: "Ya? Oh, bolehlah, aunty mau ini."
< Here was the time that I gave a look to that salesgirl and smiled, both cynically and 'cutely'... believe or not, she said something that made me laughed and I even shown her my sarcastic look>
Salesgirl: "Saiz ini yang terakhir aunty."
<Ah hah! She should say which aspect that makes it to be considered the last stock and not after my mom has made a decision that she would not change at the moment> 
*Up until today, I seldom see my mom wears that shoes and she is still wearing her old shoes*

Back to the real point. In our life, the needs of human have just been a play thing for others to gain profit. In the case of my mother *sorry mom*, the fear of losing something is being stirred with sugar and some fruit juices (words)  in a cup for someone (boss) to drink. There is a principle that can be observed within that case, the principle of scarcity. People fear to loss something that will not be retrieved anymore.
"That is the last shoes...", after hearing that, you may argue within yourself whether to buy it or not.
"Yes, I should buy it. After all, it is the last one. If I don't get it now, there is no way I will get it in the future. But the size isn't right, the surface is rough, but why I should care about that. It's the last and only one."
This sort of conversation with your conscious may occur and finally, you fell into the trap.

The big parenthesis is- insecurity. Human is a vulnerable being. Today, because of the major loose of insecurity in the world, humans have started to become things that the word 'human' cannot be labelled to them anymore. AND THE BIG VILLAIN IS, the people and the thing that play the insecurity of human and use it as a bridge to gain profit for themselves. Honestly, THIS IS THE WORLD WHERE WE LIVE IN. SO, WELCOME TO #toooootttt#.

There are many insecurity-affected events that happened in our society. Here is a few one:

1) Why people dump babies?
    - Maybe they fear that they will be found out, fear rejection, stigmatised by people, fear of the future

Attention pleassseeeeee.... I'm not giving any sweeping statement. People tend to change and constantly changing as the effect of motions... so... that's all. Nothing much actually.

*.life is a race, win it or lose it.*

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