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Saturday, 12 January 2013

A Promising Bet

Hello guys, I know this is disappointing and betting doesn't please God, but still I'm going to share how I got a finite win in betting. Spoiler: No money was harmed in the process (I guess). Hiks... *drink water*
Here it comes.
Before the bet was initiated, it came just like always, which is unexpectedly. It was dawn, the sky had gotten even dimmer, darker, blacker... (you name it). A few of us, went down the escalator inside a building , accompanied with cacophonies that are 'born' within the building. By having a caucus among us, we decided to have our dinner at Taman Bahagia. So, to the entrance of Taman Bahagia LRT building we were heading out, but four from the seven of us over were strayed from the path. Standing right at the entrance of the building, was where the bet happened. 
Fel, who was standing beside me, along with I were looking around for the missing quartet. *cue music* 「We looked to left, looked to the right, left right left right and still could't find them, old mcdonald has a farm, e ya e ya o~.」Apparently, they were right in front of us, only we were separated about 10 metres. They were inside 'The Daily News' shop and were looking for things. Right after this observation was where the bet proceeded. So I told Fel that they would buy water, namely mineral water. Yet she doubted that. *and that was the best catalyst for a bet* So I reassured that they would buy mineral water again and asked her to join a bet. Thus, she agreed. #The winner would be treated with a large wantanmee# After a few short minutes, the moment that we were waiting for finally came. They were queueing up near the cashier counter, waiting for their turn to pay up. For from four of them, only two were buying things. One of them came out from the shop, and with him was a bottle of mineral water!!!!! YEAY!!! I looked at Fel proudly, bragging that I have telepathic ability. Still, she denied and insisted that it ought to be two of them that bought mineral water each. It was fine for me, though. Then, I bragged once again that I have the supernatural ability. HaHa...
and guess what? We were looking towards the direction of the cashier and there he was, the second buyer, paying for a thing that I believe, a sure win for me. I was very excited, jumping exuberantly right at the gate, and a lot of passer-by were looking at me, strangely. 
That is the story of why I was treated with a large wantanmee. Haha...
p/s: Actually, before I initiated the bet, I saw them opened one of the drinks cooler machines. Inside the machine some drinks are arranged systematically, which are some glass drinks and most of all, MINERAL WATER~ HaHa.

Moral of the story IS to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the situation... APROVECHARRRRRRRRRR


  1. yer, you cheated! pay me back 4 times. hmph

  2. i'm not... it was a bet after all... haha