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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Motion: Chain reaction

Hello and good afternoon. It's 2.01 p.m. (GMT +8) now and currently, I'm sitting inside a big, but frank hall. Am I alone? No. There are always hundreds of enigmas around me. Plus two living souls :-o

I was blessed, not just me, but also my friends. Apparently a motion stirred by a friend of mine way back in the past (last year to be exact) has caused me to be blessed with one local food that I haven't tasted before- it was left ashore, lying on the sandy beach of Terengganu. Apparently, my lecturer was having a vacation at that place during the last holidays (I guess) and I could see that she bought a lot. A whole big plastic. Yet, I wouldn't get to savour the food if my friend hadn't stirred a motion and met its ripple today.

Now, mostly the gamers would have figured out what is a 'chain reaction'. Mostly in actions games, chain reaction would be known when some actions are taken consecutively, reoccuringly and repetitively and the effects are formed through all the actions and magnified. But here, chain reaction is what we have learnt in Physics, or from philosopher, that is, frankly, what comes around goes around. The motion, need not to be explained, it should be self-understood.

Let me give you a scenario:

A lecturer enquired a help from my friend, regarding computer skill, which is a matter of fact, he is A pro, instead he 'diligently' voiced out a particular name, a name that served as a route to escape, a path to escaptism (which later will not be). So there I am, help the lecturer until today afternoon. Still, as to the ripple effect, chain reaction still occurs until this very day. Yet, his not-escaptism is, he was forced to suffer the joy of doing the work. So that is a brief story of how I got the chance to taste the local food.

Ever thought of stopping the chain reactions and its rippling effects?

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