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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Concealed: Eat in the dark

From the rising of ancient civilisations to the formation of countries in the middle centuries, and until today the claimation of authority and power. The shadow food has been served for people to eat in the dark. As long as men have physical self, that when exposed to light, especially sunlight, shadows appear and obviously, knitted from the under of people.

"...A bribe corrupts the heart"

In any Cantonese drama that I have seen, especially those that the setting is in the dynasty era, corruption is an element that stirs up the contention among characters... but let us just skip to the end results: destructions at many levels.

When temptations come, that is where the real test that a human has to face... yet, either trapped or not, both have their own ripple effects. The thing that matters is your feeling after you made the decision: relax? regret? fear of being caught? happy and would like to share with other people?

What if we know things? I mean obviously that corruption and bribery exist in our society, still, what can we do? Report? Nah, it is still happening. As long as there is evil in this world, it doesn't matter how much have we contributed to it, that stuff will continue to grip its victiom with greed tentacles. So what is the most effective way to stop them?

Stay out of it? Maybe. Know too much sometimes will only bring pain and suffering to ourselves and people around us. It is pointless...

So shall we stay out of it? Yes, we should. However, staying out of it doesn't mean that we will not care anything about it, we still have to. We just need to remind ourselves that taking that stuff is not good. Well, at first it is promising and sweet to the ear and tummy, so as the temptations.

Will the temptations come and knock your door with ugly appearences and disgusting smell? SURELY NOT! THEY WILL BECOME AS BEAUTIFUL AS THEY HAVE TO SO THAT THEY CAN TEMPT YOU. You are standing on top of a pillar and that is where they come and shake the pillar to make you either slip or fell down. That is where you are trapped and it's hard for you to climb the pillar again.

Don't see that the tiger is tamed and you can play with it, watch out because one day, during your sleep, the tiger will furtively crawl to you and do something terrible to you.

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