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Monday, 13 January 2014

Be the 3%

Hi peeps... it is written there, 1:47 AM on the most bottom right of the screen. Blurred... I'm trying to figure out what to write on this post. This is weird, but suddenly I have the drive, yeah baby the drive, to add another post into this blog. However, having the drive, yeah baby the drive, is not enough...

What you need is an inspiration on what to be written...
What you need is a topic that you can talk about...
All you need is just a piece of crap that you can turn around, adding words, phrases, sentences and paragraph to make that piece of crap readable, comprehensible and most importantly, making it to be viewed as something informative and not just a crap.

*Honestly I say, at this point of writing, I finally figured out what I want to say. Probably you would think that the sentences I wrote above are nothing but just a crap, well, it is. They are crap. However, what if, I said IF, the main topic or the thing that I'm going to talk about is people that have no idea about what to write or having the difficulty to think of something to write and just write something down to prepare a way for the writing to flow. Would that main topic change your perception about the sentences above? To a certain extent, yes. Unless you are someone who is 'hard-headed', then you probably think otherwise.

Frankly speaking, when I was still in secondary school, I encountered a minor problem whenever I received a task to write an essay. At those years, it didn't matter if they were Malay, English or even Chinese essay... Teachers advised us prior to start writing it would be better to write down or even make a simple work frame so that you wouldn't lose track while completing your essay. So here, I want to officially apologise my my idiocy back then for not following their advise... I used to believe that if we were to build work frame for essay before start writing it, it would inhibit the flow of our creativity... haha... That could be the reason why I for each examination, including major examination like SPM, I tend to choose 'incomplete essay' or essay that require us to continue the story after giving us the introduction or build a story based on the given conclusion... I like those kinds of essay... It was rather easy for me back then... I would just start writing and writing... Even when the second paragraph and third paragraph were not that related, I would just make up something on the next paragraph to tie previous paragraphs all together, then the storyline would make sense to me... and of course, to the teachers... What did I get for my essay for every exams? Well, I'm not going to tell anyone about that, but they were more than satisfactory, almost to be very true... haha

Anyway, the thing is, whatever you have written on anything that involves more than two sentences... it is not a crap. Look at what I have written above, if you think that they are just a crappy ideas that came from a night-owl person, there is nothing that I can say.  What I believe is that when you are writing, you should write according to your own flow,  creativity and style... I'm sure, one day or another, you writing would have been transformed into something that amazes people, as long as you stick with your own genuine style.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

BTS: The-So-Called Beauty

Mark this: It's not just about the beauty but what actually lies behind it... and that is what we are going to find out.

"Beauty is a pain". A saying that becomes the motto or somehow the backbone of their mentality for people who are pursuing their dream to become beautiful. However, the thing that bugs my mind is to what extent that the pain will be? Let us see through some exhibits that I can come up with from my prior experience...

Exhibit A: *At Universiti Malaya's Lakeside* " Auhh.. so painful... I just jogged for one round and it seemed like forever...the leg feels very sore, but for the sake of beauty, I must run... at least until the tree in front." 

Exhibit B: *Preparing certain supplement* "So, after drinking this supplement, I must not take in any food for this whole day except plain water only, this won't be that hard for me." *Lunch break* "Krriiokkkk.... man, I'm so hungry.. I could have eaten half of the cow with just one bite if I continue to be like this... what a pain."

Exhibit C: *Using beauty products* "The promoter said that I have to apply these three products on the face in the morning, then wash them after 30 minutes. Then, these four products have to be applied on my belly and thighs before lunch and must wash them directly after lunch. Another thing, this one-of-a-kind product must be eaten subsequently 2 hours, 1 hours and 30 minutes before dinner and finally, these ten skin products must be applied one by one and followed by washing the face after using each of them before sleep. Okay, I can follow the direction, for the sake of beauty. *After one day* "asdfgghhlgc... This is so painful to follow all the @#*%! instructions and apply all of them!" 

Above are some of the 'painful moments' experienced by people who are pursue beauty... in terms of using products manufactured by humans. Now, think about the saying "Beauty is a pain" and consider the extent of the word 'pain'. How far and wide can the word refer to? Well, it's trivia time now!!! 

Did you know... that animals are used as test subjects for beauty products?

One thing for sure, animals don't have high IQ like humans do to know what beauty is and how to obtain one. Due to the human's idolatry for beauty, animals have become the victim for that. More and more powerful and effective beauty products have been created *as told by the advertisements* and more and more poor animal souls have been on the verge of hill. 

Some people that are having aware of this are still buying the products. Don't you know that your money is used as the funds to support more mindless and heartless researches? Take note, it's not my intention to say whether it is right or wrong.

However, there are still some people who concern about the animals and they are doing something alright.
Below are some pictures that I found while wasting my time surfing the net. What they did was truly awesome, not to mention creative in a way.

They were showing some process that animals would have gone through if they were to become the test subjects for the products. However, to make the messages to be conveyed much effectively, they did it in on a human volunteer. Of course, the process is not as real as it should be or else the volunteer would die. Yet, she made some real sacrifices while acting it out to let the passer-by open their eyes. For example, they did really shaved part of her hair, being forced to swallow some food (edible and non-dangerous food) and felt some minor pain. 

What I want to say after looking at those pictures is:

Faith in humanity is restored.

* This post has no relation to any other living or non-living objects, nor any company and manufacturer.

Credits to for the pictures.