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Monday, 16 December 2013

The CLUTCH-ing Pain

My left leg has been casted with Stupefy for a moment there ( 2 hours to be exact ) -

For that long of hour, I was told "Release it... release that a bit.. a bit more... okay, hold it now... hold it... release it slowly... SLOWLY.... you released it too fast... do it again." [and  it still echoes in my mind while I'm writing this]

Then, I would have to press the clutch until the end and twist the key that started it, an action that I had repeated more than what my finger could count... and I couldn't sensibly feel (weird...) the clutch under my left foot and taking off shoes is a no no while learning to drive. 

THAT was the first time I became the driver - sort of - , controlled the tiny white Kancil with my own limbs. 

Thank God my instructor is a lady, smaller in size than me... hehe... and I thought that maybe she would not have any characteristic of a tiger lady... yet, I was wrong. A stare from her eyes when you were in the act of doing something wrongly could send a powerful struck of sudden gulp and cold sweat into the deep of your heart and out to your head. "Uh oh... " that was what I could think or say to myself at that moment. 
However, she is not strict or fearsome in real person, she is a nice lady and would gladly talk to you anytime and another plus point... she is a very patient one and that is what I must say. 

While instructing, she would not scold or even worse, pinch you. She would just stare at you directly into your eyes and broke through your thick barrier of soul... directly into your soul... 

I know why now... why her stare would look terrifying... haha... it is because of the eyeliner... yes, that thick eyeliner that she applies below her eyeballs... haha... So, one thing I learnt from this, that is not to overlook the power that a women would hold when she applies make-up on her face. It could be inviting, and it could be devastating also. End of my instructor's story.

So for the first two hours, I was taught on how to drive the car without pressing the oil pedal, both left and right turning and horizontal park and I am glad that I was given the chance to do the driving alone (literally, in the car). 

Another thing that made my heart to beat faster was driving the car down the hill and it was duuup..zaaakkk... duuup...zaaaakkk... duuuuup. zaaakkk.. 

When an object is on inclined downward surface, it would move down with great velocity and that was what happened when I drove the Kancil down the hill. 

I pressed the break, released it a second afterward and quickly pressed the break again. So you can imagine my dear instructor body was pushed forward and backward again due to the momentum... and it was hilarious to the least extent, imagine with her stares locked at you and emotionless face... 

Right now, it seemed like my left leg has been working out more and become more stoic than my right leg and tomorrow, I will have another driving lesson. I'm sure it will become more muscular than before after tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that, and day after that. 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Nosey Snoopy ME

"Learn to love the value... of minding your own business."

Hi there, it has been a while since i have posted any entry here.
A few quick minutes had I spent to read  the previous entries and few essence of humour were discovered in them *blerghhhhh*... haha... I was giggling and laughing all the way for all the idiocy when I read them... hehehe... okay, I shall stop... and stop I shall!!!

Notice the quote up there?
Well, it is a great reminder to the person who is writing this entry now, and I am pretty sure that it wasn't a coincidence that I 'bumped into' the quote...

Let me rephrase the quote into our easy-to-understood language... *ehemmm*... it goes like this:

"Don't be a BUSYBODY"
"No Snoopy-ing around"
"No adding'nosey' before your name"
"and never let anyone tell you to wag off!! ouch!"
*and also other related terms.

According to me, myself and I (2013, home), forcing your nose to be stamped into other person or people's butt is not good. I mean it is bad, wayyyyy bad. C'mon, a butt is a filthy place , except a baby's butt, and you want to put your nose, basically your whole face, on that curvy surface and please DO imagine, as you are breathing, you are inhaling the oozy aromatic air from the cracks of the flesh *pooooooop*

That is so YUCKY, to a certain extent, STICKY too. 

That is an analogy that I came up with to describe what situation that a particular person is facing when he minds other people's business. As we are 'involving' (a positive term for busybody-ing) our own self into people's dilemma, we are 'inviting' (another good term for taking without reasoning or logical thought) their problems to enter our life. We can't run from problems while we are struggling to make ends meet in this world, and it would be a stinky move to add another one into your pile of problem. It is also like scrubbing stinky cheese on your oily face that is already full of acne, black spots and wrinkles. That stinks. Terpaksalah, benda itu sendiri yang cari.

By the way, have you watched or come across the images of so-called 'human centipede' from its movie? Well, it is a little bit like that yet completely different than that when you are sticking your face on people's butt... krik, krik, krik... 

Not to mention that we would stuck to some somehow sticky situations, depending on how big the problem is that we have invited over for a slumber party at our house. It that person's cannot get out from his problem, so do you. So think twice, before kepochi-ing other people's problem.

It is good to be concerned with other people's problem, but there is a boundary that we should be alerted of and follow. Honestly, me, myself and I sometimes are making ourselves to be careless on not to cross the boundary because we deeply care for that person, or we are just love to be kepochiiiii... hahaha

and who doesn't like to gossip around... everyone does although the degree and manifestation of the gossip might vary for every person... but beware, not all things that seemed interesting and able to bring enjoyment + satisfaction to us will do good to us... (somehow related to this entry I guess... =.=")

Anyway, anyhow and moo moo cow, this entry has no relation to the living or dead. It is just something that I pondered about while living my life. I shall end this entry with the pronouncing of good night and have a sweet dream. Toodles~

Friday, 25 January 2013

Conquering my fear: Acrophobia at Skytrex with Nuffnang

Do you know the ultimate answer to finally put an end to he questions why the sky is so blue but people are still having monday blues and why would a pigeon launches its dump right on your head and it stinks?

Nah, neither do I. Ain't got no time for that!

Weeyyyhhh... I have done something unbelievable on last week Saturday. It was like tearing my heart out and threw it into the sea; yet I check my heartbeat every single day and... it's still there, beating.

There was a policy in U.S. army that was taken down years ago, 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'. However, for my post, I change it into 'Don't Ask but I'll Tell.' (right... *sarcastically*) 

This time, I'll not tell my story straight to point. Like a circling tornado that spins a confused cow from bottom to the top, that is how I'm going to bring front this story and the cow.

Now, about the thing that I have done last week... I was a little bit anxious to take part in it, mainly because I have a major problem that really demotivated me. Now, won't you be wondering why, at the end, I took the challenge and make myself a part of it? Wait for it, I'll get to that part SOON.

I talked to a friend of mine, someone who has been a great listener to me all this time (not to mention a good counsellor too). The respond that the person gave me was "Nak mati kah? Dahlah ko takut tinggi, p wat benda-benda bahaya pula" (In English, 'Do you want to die? You have the fear of height yet you intend to do something dangerous). I knew that she would say something that was really 'helpful', just didn't know that it would be that harsh and an ice to the shoulders. Haha... still, it was very funny. So, part of the mystery has been solved, that the major problem is my fear of height, or acrophobia.

So I have this fear of height, then why did I join the act last Saturday? Well, there should be two reasons that serve as solid support for my argument *if there is any*.
Firstly, there was this competition on a particular website, organised by a company that I'm sure some bloggers would know, nuffnang. They would only choose 30 best commenters to join the Saturday activity at Shah Alam there. They offered two choices and I chose the path that may be left trodden, untouched. (I guess). However, my comment did not stand among the best, I did not win... at first. 
Below was the comment that I submitted, I know it is kind of 'minta puji', but I won't lose anything if I tried right?

<Hi. I want to take on the Extreme Challenge at Skypark Adventure because as what the name has implied, I want to challenge myself on taking that because I am sort of afraid of height and I am intending to conquer the fear. Before this I have tried to downsize my acrophobia and it works, and now I need something that is extreme and challenging enough to act as a booster and platform to deplete the fear that I have. thanks.>

One cannot see where the future goes. Three days before the Saturday, I received a call from Nuffnang. Looks like there was empty spot left and they were looking for someone to fill it up. At first I was very reluctant and unsure, so I made up an excuse that I have to check my schedule first and would get back to them later. Actually, right after the call, I quickly met up with a friend of mine and discussed the matter with him. He was the one that shared with me about the Nuffnang and also the competition. Moreover, before I received the call from Nuffnang, he also had received the call and told me about it. However, at that time, he seemed to have a hard time for putting himself together for the activity even though he had confirmed his presence on the Saturday. Now we back to the second reason why I joined the activity, it was because of him. He forced insisted that we should go together and have fun, expanding social circle and most of all, it was free. (Those was the persuasive facts that my friend used on me) Well, all was complimentary from Nuffnang. *Thanks Nuffnang* After that, I texted the person from Nuffnang (Daren) that called me and confirmed my availability for that Saturday. *I would like to thanks Nuffnang for the opportunities, but most of all, thanks God for His plan to prosper those who believeth* [ I texted him three times, the first one was to confirm my availability which happened when I was on the way to jog, the second one was an enquiry for further info about the Saturday and sent right after the first, and the third one was sent when I was jogging at UM because suddenly it came to my thought that I forgot to put my name. Haha... by the way, something funny had happened while I was jogging and texting at that moment.]

Each of us got a free Skytrex Adventure Extreme Challenge ticket... and we made a pact, a pact of preventing shyness brotherhood, to stick together was the only law.

picture taken from Nuffnang
So there were we, took Extreme Challenge course that almost made me puked my heart out. The real pressure was when I had to climb the ladders to the top. It was so high that looking down was a no no for me. Grabbing on the grey pipes tightly, yet my mind kept on reminding me of the consequence of losing the grip and falling down. I just either looked up or looked straight into the emptiness but just a blue blue sky. In my heart, I kept  praying to be strengthened throughout the course. At that time, I finally set my goal for 2013, that was to finish the challenge aliveI was scared as hell during that time!! 

picture taken from Nuffnang

Moreover, when I reached the platform,
my legs were shaking and so as my arms. Shakily, I removed the carabiners one by one and placed them on the horizontal string that connected with the next platform. Believe me, I tried to look the surrounding while I was at the platform, which I had come to regret for doing that. There's nothing there, only trees that are shorter than you now... Also, as usual, my mind kept on playing with my insecurity. That moment, I was thinking, what if the string snapped when I was gliding over. Then, I looked down (which was a stupid act) and saw nothing that could reduce the impulsive force of my body on the ground. Oh yeah, guess my feeling at that moment. Reluctantly, after setting up the pulley and carabiner, tagging with the string, I squatted down, close my eyes and swoooosshhhhh~ and I was like, "yeah! I'm doing it, I'm doing it" , but with with my eyes closed -.-".

this was taken from Google image
Still, there was an enjoyment, a kind of feeling that I felt when I was flying fox-ing. That feeling was so light, that it ought to make me open my eyes as I was gliding over to the next platform. The whooshing of the wind and defying gravity really made me to relax. I was able to see the surrounding and I wasn't scared at all. You know what, at that time, I smiled. I SMILED :)

It was very inspirational to join the activity. Why? I learnt to appreciate life over there. Any moments there the strings might snap or we knocked our head on the trees, either way. To take the course means risking our life. Basically, we are taking risks ourselves in our life. As my great great great great ancestor said, "where's the fun if there were no risks?" Even so, there is nothing to be worried about as the management has done their best to make sure the safety of people. They always make maintenance, to check the sturdiness and durability of  the strings, platforms, tools and so on. Moreover, there will be an expert at each platforms, if not, the expert will facilitate at the nearby platforms. Even the facilitators are applying safety measures when they are on the platform. That shows us that the management really cares about the safety of all people that use the facilities. They even prepare an emergency path at most of the platforms if raining heavily or something came out.

Short briefing- Taken from Nuffnang
Before the commencing of either Extreme Challenge or Big Thrill, participants will be enlightened about the course that they will go through soon. The picture above was the moment where we received the briefing from Mr. Azlan. Behind the wall is where the lockers are located. However, the lockers aren't that big enough to fit a large size of beg. So it is recommended to minimize the size of the beg or the stuff. The rent for a locker is only RM 1, but you have to put RM 5 for deposit (better don't lose the key). In addition, you can rent a laced bottle sheath near the counter and easy for you to jump from a tree to another without having to hold drinking bottle with you hands. By the way, gloves are sold at RM 3 and it is recommended that you either prepare a pair of gloves on your own or buy one near the counter. If you love your hands, better wear it before starting the course. Before starting the real course, a facilitator will share and show to you the equipment and the right way to use them. 

Short demonstration- taken from Nuffang
It was Mr. Siva that demonstrated to us the correct and safe way in handling and setting up the parts of equipment such as pulley, carabiners and how to set/tag them onto the string, both horizontal and vertical

Below are few of the challenges that can be found in Skytrex. All of them are exciting, minus the fear, enjoyable, challenging and tiring.

Here, you have to grip the poles like monkey to reach the next platform. Both of my hands were starting to become weary after I went through that platform. By the way, I wasn't in the picture.  Actually, I could just glide to reach the platform because there is rope that I could use to pull myself forward. What an ------

I really don't like the part of the course at this point. I wasn't able to stabilize myself when I went through the net. I kept on falling and when I fell, you know where my eyes would look at. Down, way down down below.
Yet, I'm not the one in the picture.

Walk on one string only - taken from Nuffang
This is where we had to reach the next platform by walking just on one string. If you look closely, we had to climb even higher before taking this walk-on-one-string-only challenge. It was really exciting, but whatever you do, do not look down. Here is a little spoiler, right after this challenges is flying fox. haha

Believe me, the two challenges don't look that easy like in the pictures. They are way arduous.The 'connecting bridges' are shaky-shaky, very fun to step on them if you manage to. Think you have the capabilities? haha

Finally, inside the picture was my friend (the one that forced invited me- red shirt) and I. His name is SyedWell, maybe there was something wrong with the lighting or something that caused us to be not-so-photogenic at that time. haha

So that was it guys. There are a lot more exciting and thrilling challenges that can be found in Skytrex. The ticket for one person if I'm not mistaken, RM 50++ for a person. It sure was fun. I met a few new friends even though I was very quiet over there, Thanks guys. Thanks Nuffnang. 

So there were Mr. Azlan and I. I really thanked God because I was able to receive the certificate alive. Frankly, I could never imagine myself doing that sort of things. Even when I am standing at level three in Midvalley, I would not dare to go near the middle of the floor and look down. Even if I would, most probably I will stand a bit farther that the fence.

p/s: I would like to thank CheSakinah for sending Syed and I back to hostel safe and sound even though it would be a burden to her. 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Concealed: Eat in the dark

From the rising of ancient civilisations to the formation of countries in the middle centuries, and until today the claimation of authority and power. The shadow food has been served for people to eat in the dark. As long as men have physical self, that when exposed to light, especially sunlight, shadows appear and obviously, knitted from the under of people.

"...A bribe corrupts the heart"

In any Cantonese drama that I have seen, especially those that the setting is in the dynasty era, corruption is an element that stirs up the contention among characters... but let us just skip to the end results: destructions at many levels.

When temptations come, that is where the real test that a human has to face... yet, either trapped or not, both have their own ripple effects. The thing that matters is your feeling after you made the decision: relax? regret? fear of being caught? happy and would like to share with other people?

What if we know things? I mean obviously that corruption and bribery exist in our society, still, what can we do? Report? Nah, it is still happening. As long as there is evil in this world, it doesn't matter how much have we contributed to it, that stuff will continue to grip its victiom with greed tentacles. So what is the most effective way to stop them?

Stay out of it? Maybe. Know too much sometimes will only bring pain and suffering to ourselves and people around us. It is pointless...

So shall we stay out of it? Yes, we should. However, staying out of it doesn't mean that we will not care anything about it, we still have to. We just need to remind ourselves that taking that stuff is not good. Well, at first it is promising and sweet to the ear and tummy, so as the temptations.

Will the temptations come and knock your door with ugly appearences and disgusting smell? SURELY NOT! THEY WILL BECOME AS BEAUTIFUL AS THEY HAVE TO SO THAT THEY CAN TEMPT YOU. You are standing on top of a pillar and that is where they come and shake the pillar to make you either slip or fell down. That is where you are trapped and it's hard for you to climb the pillar again.

Don't see that the tiger is tamed and you can play with it, watch out because one day, during your sleep, the tiger will furtively crawl to you and do something terrible to you.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

A Promising Bet

Hello guys, I know this is disappointing and betting doesn't please God, but still I'm going to share how I got a finite win in betting. Spoiler: No money was harmed in the process (I guess). Hiks... *drink water*
Here it comes.
Before the bet was initiated, it came just like always, which is unexpectedly. It was dawn, the sky had gotten even dimmer, darker, blacker... (you name it). A few of us, went down the escalator inside a building , accompanied with cacophonies that are 'born' within the building. By having a caucus among us, we decided to have our dinner at Taman Bahagia. So, to the entrance of Taman Bahagia LRT building we were heading out, but four from the seven of us over were strayed from the path. Standing right at the entrance of the building, was where the bet happened. 
Fel, who was standing beside me, along with I were looking around for the missing quartet. *cue music* 「We looked to left, looked to the right, left right left right and still could't find them, old mcdonald has a farm, e ya e ya o~.」Apparently, they were right in front of us, only we were separated about 10 metres. They were inside 'The Daily News' shop and were looking for things. Right after this observation was where the bet proceeded. So I told Fel that they would buy water, namely mineral water. Yet she doubted that. *and that was the best catalyst for a bet* So I reassured that they would buy mineral water again and asked her to join a bet. Thus, she agreed. #The winner would be treated with a large wantanmee# After a few short minutes, the moment that we were waiting for finally came. They were queueing up near the cashier counter, waiting for their turn to pay up. For from four of them, only two were buying things. One of them came out from the shop, and with him was a bottle of mineral water!!!!! YEAY!!! I looked at Fel proudly, bragging that I have telepathic ability. Still, she denied and insisted that it ought to be two of them that bought mineral water each. It was fine for me, though. Then, I bragged once again that I have the supernatural ability. HaHa...
and guess what? We were looking towards the direction of the cashier and there he was, the second buyer, paying for a thing that I believe, a sure win for me. I was very excited, jumping exuberantly right at the gate, and a lot of passer-by were looking at me, strangely. 
That is the story of why I was treated with a large wantanmee. Haha...
p/s: Actually, before I initiated the bet, I saw them opened one of the drinks cooler machines. Inside the machine some drinks are arranged systematically, which are some glass drinks and most of all, MINERAL WATER~ HaHa.

Moral of the story IS to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the situation... APROVECHARRRRRRRRRR

Thursday, 3 January 2013

A Lesser of Sanity: Right is left

#Black is the new white; right is the old left.


⊙Tonite, at this gloomy brightified moment; I sit on the floor, waiting patiently for abstract things that are going to be thrown upon us. Our past experiences- encounters, weren't that beautiful and mostly, being advised through ways that seemed to be threathening.

◎ By the way, before this, a friend of mine was being too dramatic over some stuff, negatively of course, and the fact that he might get over-stressed, do make us a little bit worried. Something has happened to him last year when he was busy with a lot of stuff, his body wasn't able to cope with all the pressure and caused his old-friend to visit him, it that left him for quite long time.

⊙ We are still waiting for the 'event' to take place. Not to waste the time, I do what I should have done. # Finally, it's the moment of truth,
it's the moment that we have been waiting for, to find out the naked excuses that we are being called. # (Needless to say much, everything is pointless) # Knowing much will only lead you to devastation, depression. #

■ Sanctions- system to regulate people's movements. * This is used commonly to regulate/ control people all around the world. Do I have to mention this? In fact, I have to, a must. By instilling fear inside someone, certain people can create a cloud authority above him for a moment and believe me, it won't be for a short time. You did right, for you a reward is granted; punishment is prepared for the he who did wrong.

Can a mother crab teach a human child how to walk? Sure, if mother crab show and teach the child the actual way human walk. Mother crab couldn't expect the human child to just know how to walk without any examplary people to guide them nicely.

|The heart of people is like deep water. Can you understand how they think or feel?  No one knows what is in the heart of every person. The ultimate key is, those who are perverse and wicked, planning evil in their heart will be destroyed. So let us be prudent in our actions and words, be diligent, call wisdom as your sister and understanding as your close relative, so that we can live right, love right and stay right.

This the life...

This is the story of that night..

THis is BuLLsHiT... right...

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Motion: Chain reaction

Hello and good afternoon. It's 2.01 p.m. (GMT +8) now and currently, I'm sitting inside a big, but frank hall. Am I alone? No. There are always hundreds of enigmas around me. Plus two living souls :-o

I was blessed, not just me, but also my friends. Apparently a motion stirred by a friend of mine way back in the past (last year to be exact) has caused me to be blessed with one local food that I haven't tasted before- it was left ashore, lying on the sandy beach of Terengganu. Apparently, my lecturer was having a vacation at that place during the last holidays (I guess) and I could see that she bought a lot. A whole big plastic. Yet, I wouldn't get to savour the food if my friend hadn't stirred a motion and met its ripple today.

Now, mostly the gamers would have figured out what is a 'chain reaction'. Mostly in actions games, chain reaction would be known when some actions are taken consecutively, reoccuringly and repetitively and the effects are formed through all the actions and magnified. But here, chain reaction is what we have learnt in Physics, or from philosopher, that is, frankly, what comes around goes around. The motion, need not to be explained, it should be self-understood.

Let me give you a scenario:

A lecturer enquired a help from my friend, regarding computer skill, which is a matter of fact, he is A pro, instead he 'diligently' voiced out a particular name, a name that served as a route to escape, a path to escaptism (which later will not be). So there I am, help the lecturer until today afternoon. Still, as to the ripple effect, chain reaction still occurs until this very day. Yet, his not-escaptism is, he was forced to suffer the joy of doing the work. So that is a brief story of how I got the chance to taste the local food.

Ever thought of stopping the chain reactions and its rippling effects?

CharKueTiaw Incident~

Now, this is a story that happened a few weeks ago, which was confusing, but funny. but first, I'll tell all of you why it is confusing and later then I'll share why is it funny. (Actually, it wasn't really funny, but I give it 3 out of five.)

On the way of going back home, my dad thought of having lunch outside, yet because that evening some family friends would visit us, so he decided for takeaways. Then, he took out his phone and searched for a particular contact. He gave me his phone, yes while he was driving, and told me to order three char kue tiaw. And so I did. After an hour or so, we parked the car near the restaurant to take the orders. And it went like this, ( below was the dialogues that were said by me, to shorten time, and I am sure that you can guess the situation) :

"Where is the food that I ordered? It's char kuo tiao, three of them."
"What you say that I didn't order?! But I called the number an hour before and stated the order."

And so, tomato-steamed-face me, quickly left the restaurant and walked back to the car. In my mind, was playing a dog chasing its tail game, which is impossible to put that in reality. How come there wasn't any order of mine? Well, it was the one who fathered me that called the number, because he is the regular customer there and for the records, I have never bought any food from that place before. And...and... I really talked to the other person in the phone, I was pretty sure that it was a 'stallion' that was having a conversation with me.

Sooooooooooo... I reached the car and told my dad, and I thought to myself , 'that is the same expression that I have before, and ya, the dog is still chasing its tail'. The question is, HOW COME?! It was a chain action, and it was right, supposedly. My dad searched the number in contacts, I spoke to the receiver. He triggered the call and I transfered the information to the receiver. SO WHAT IS THE THING THAT WENT WRONG OVER THERE?!

And it hit my dad. He went over his dialled numbers record in his phone and found something bizarre. It was 'Mengkut', the name of the contact that my dad gave a ring before. However, he didn't even remember who the heck 'Mengkut' is- and today he still cannot remember who or how he looks like. And the case had become even clearer. The plotline was: My dad phoned the wrong person and I fall in it, unconsiously yet with full consciousness, I talked to the wrong guy. And that was it. So both of us gave a few good laugh about it, and at that time, who was the one that bought groceries in the nearby market? My mum! So later we still had to fill her up. Later, my dad insisted to have the so-called invisible order, so there I was, walking with a little bit of shame, back to the restaurant, and ordered the food. And I quickly went back to car after receiving the order. The end. p/s: That left us with a big question mark, "Who the heck Mengkut is?!"