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Monday, 16 December 2013

The CLUTCH-ing Pain

My left leg has been casted with Stupefy for a moment there ( 2 hours to be exact ) -

For that long of hour, I was told "Release it... release that a bit.. a bit more... okay, hold it now... hold it... release it slowly... SLOWLY.... you released it too fast... do it again." [and  it still echoes in my mind while I'm writing this]

Then, I would have to press the clutch until the end and twist the key that started it, an action that I had repeated more than what my finger could count... and I couldn't sensibly feel (weird...) the clutch under my left foot and taking off shoes is a no no while learning to drive. 

THAT was the first time I became the driver - sort of - , controlled the tiny white Kancil with my own limbs. 

Thank God my instructor is a lady, smaller in size than me... hehe... and I thought that maybe she would not have any characteristic of a tiger lady... yet, I was wrong. A stare from her eyes when you were in the act of doing something wrongly could send a powerful struck of sudden gulp and cold sweat into the deep of your heart and out to your head. "Uh oh... " that was what I could think or say to myself at that moment. 
However, she is not strict or fearsome in real person, she is a nice lady and would gladly talk to you anytime and another plus point... she is a very patient one and that is what I must say. 

While instructing, she would not scold or even worse, pinch you. She would just stare at you directly into your eyes and broke through your thick barrier of soul... directly into your soul... 

I know why now... why her stare would look terrifying... haha... it is because of the eyeliner... yes, that thick eyeliner that she applies below her eyeballs... haha... So, one thing I learnt from this, that is not to overlook the power that a women would hold when she applies make-up on her face. It could be inviting, and it could be devastating also. End of my instructor's story.

So for the first two hours, I was taught on how to drive the car without pressing the oil pedal, both left and right turning and horizontal park and I am glad that I was given the chance to do the driving alone (literally, in the car). 

Another thing that made my heart to beat faster was driving the car down the hill and it was duuup..zaaakkk... duuup...zaaaakkk... duuuuup. zaaakkk.. 

When an object is on inclined downward surface, it would move down with great velocity and that was what happened when I drove the Kancil down the hill. 

I pressed the break, released it a second afterward and quickly pressed the break again. So you can imagine my dear instructor body was pushed forward and backward again due to the momentum... and it was hilarious to the least extent, imagine with her stares locked at you and emotionless face... 

Right now, it seemed like my left leg has been working out more and become more stoic than my right leg and tomorrow, I will have another driving lesson. I'm sure it will become more muscular than before after tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that, and day after that. 

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