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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Nosey Snoopy ME

"Learn to love the value... of minding your own business."

Hi there, it has been a while since i have posted any entry here.
A few quick minutes had I spent to read  the previous entries and few essence of humour were discovered in them *blerghhhhh*... haha... I was giggling and laughing all the way for all the idiocy when I read them... hehehe... okay, I shall stop... and stop I shall!!!

Notice the quote up there?
Well, it is a great reminder to the person who is writing this entry now, and I am pretty sure that it wasn't a coincidence that I 'bumped into' the quote...

Let me rephrase the quote into our easy-to-understood language... *ehemmm*... it goes like this:

"Don't be a BUSYBODY"
"No Snoopy-ing around"
"No adding'nosey' before your name"
"and never let anyone tell you to wag off!! ouch!"
*and also other related terms.

According to me, myself and I (2013, home), forcing your nose to be stamped into other person or people's butt is not good. I mean it is bad, wayyyyy bad. C'mon, a butt is a filthy place , except a baby's butt, and you want to put your nose, basically your whole face, on that curvy surface and please DO imagine, as you are breathing, you are inhaling the oozy aromatic air from the cracks of the flesh *pooooooop*

That is so YUCKY, to a certain extent, STICKY too. 

That is an analogy that I came up with to describe what situation that a particular person is facing when he minds other people's business. As we are 'involving' (a positive term for busybody-ing) our own self into people's dilemma, we are 'inviting' (another good term for taking without reasoning or logical thought) their problems to enter our life. We can't run from problems while we are struggling to make ends meet in this world, and it would be a stinky move to add another one into your pile of problem. It is also like scrubbing stinky cheese on your oily face that is already full of acne, black spots and wrinkles. That stinks. Terpaksalah, benda itu sendiri yang cari.

By the way, have you watched or come across the images of so-called 'human centipede' from its movie? Well, it is a little bit like that yet completely different than that when you are sticking your face on people's butt... krik, krik, krik... 

Not to mention that we would stuck to some somehow sticky situations, depending on how big the problem is that we have invited over for a slumber party at our house. It that person's cannot get out from his problem, so do you. So think twice, before kepochi-ing other people's problem.

It is good to be concerned with other people's problem, but there is a boundary that we should be alerted of and follow. Honestly, me, myself and I sometimes are making ourselves to be careless on not to cross the boundary because we deeply care for that person, or we are just love to be kepochiiiii... hahaha

and who doesn't like to gossip around... everyone does although the degree and manifestation of the gossip might vary for every person... but beware, not all things that seemed interesting and able to bring enjoyment + satisfaction to us will do good to us... (somehow related to this entry I guess... =.=")

Anyway, anyhow and moo moo cow, this entry has no relation to the living or dead. It is just something that I pondered about while living my life. I shall end this entry with the pronouncing of good night and have a sweet dream. Toodles~

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